Thursday, 6 September 2012


                               “THE MODERN WORLD” .
The world whose people
• Wants to talk more about monster and freak than God and angel.
• They are ready to wage for their laugh and smile but don’t think a little bit to howl anyone.
• They can write and speak on “Poverty “ , Democracy and Corruption and War but scared to go through and perceive it .
• They only play with the relationship and never mind to wash out them .
• They are going to be civilized by slaughter his shadow.
• They want to fly with supersonic speed and more than that but still believe in Lift and scare and feel throe to walk.
• They designed atomic bombs, missiles, guns and nuclear weapon for human luxury but use them for own destruction.

• They always think from mind and continually use the heart for blood circulation, if it fails then it doesn’t matter . They have other option too.
• They always try to overcome the all mighty GOD but before go to sleep . They reminiscences the him.
• They hoist the Flag of peace and unity and want to become like Indiabut they become Syria Care: Pertubuhan Penyayang Islam Membantu Syria.
• They want to cut their nails but Cut their hands.
• They eager to listen Rape, metallic, Disco songs but at last they feel comfort after listing CLASSIC and MEDITATION.
• They Forget his Past to overcome Modern but actually they pay and become Past.
• They do what they see and hear rather to feel .
• They know that they are not Modern but still think “ We are The modern” .
• They go through the literature because they don’t have interest.
• They use “F@#k” and Facebook more than Fabulous.
• They feel proud to speak Foreign language in spite of their mother tongue .
• They think love stories are much better than “ The Bhagwat Geeta , Kuran and Bible “ .
• They believe in symbol “:) ♥” in spite of showing it .

If still you think that you are modern than I hate you .
Because I belong to “ THE MODERN WORLD” .
                                               Shubham “abadhya”
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सांयें की तरह चलकर उनके साथ.. हम अपने आप को गवां बेठे /
और फिर उस भुजती हुई लौ को तूफां से बचने की खातिर हम अपने ही हाथ जला बेठे //

न जाने ये कब हुआ हमें तो पता ही न चला .
हम तो गेरो को पाने की खातिर अपनो को भुला बेठे //

अब इनायत होती !! गर वो पास आकर सीने से लगाते .
उससे तो पहले हम गम-ए-इंतजार में अपने ज़ख्मो को नासूर बना बेठे /

"अबाध्य " तो वाकिफ था उनके इन रीवाजो से पहले ही .
तभी तो हम भी अपने दिल-ए-आशियाँ पत्थरों का बना बेठे //